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Fred's Ever-Evolving Bibliography

Books Authored

Books Translated

Manga Translated

  • Barefoot Gen: A Cartoon Story of Hiroshima, Vol.2, by Keiji Nakazawa. (Translated with Jared Cook). 1979 Project Gen, Tokyo.
  • The Rose of Versailles Vols. 1&2, by Riyoko Ikeda, 1981 Sanyusha, Tokyo.
  • Tsumi to Batsu [Crime and Punishment],by Osamu Tezuka, 1990 Japan Times, Tokyo.
  • Intron Depot 1 ,by Masamune Shirow. (Translated by Toren Smith, Alan Gleason,Dana Lewis, and Frederik L. Schodt). 1992 Seishinsha, Osaka, Japan.
  • Orion ,by Masamune Shirow. (Translated with Toren Smith). 1993 Dark Horse Comics/ Studio Proteus, Milwaukie, Oregon.
  • Ghost in the Shell ,by Masamune Shirow. (Translated with Toren Smith). 1995 Dark Horse Comics/ Studio Proteus, Milwaukie, Oregon.
  • Intron Depot, Volume 2: Blades,by Masamune Shirow. (Translated by Frederik L. Schodt and Toren Smith). 1998 Seishinsha, Osaka, Japan.
  • The Four Immigrants Manga: A Japanese Experience in San Francisco, 1904-1924 , by Henry Yoshitaka Kiyama. 1998 Stone Bridge Press, Berkeley, California.
  • Astro Boy , Vol. 1, by Osamu Tezuka. March, 2002 Dark Horse Comics, Milwaukie, Oregon.
  • Astro Boy , Vol. 2, by Osamu Tezuka. April, 2002 Dark Horse Comics, Milwaukie, Oregon.
  • Astro Boy , Vol. 3, by Osamu Tezuka. May, 2002 Dark Horse Comics, Milwaukie, Oregon.
  • Astro Boy , Vol. 4, by Osamu Tezuka. June, 2002 Dark Horse Comics, Milwaukie, Oregon.
  • Astro Boy , Vol. 5, by Osamu Tezuka. July, 2002 Dark Horse Comics, Milwaukie, Oregon.
  • Astro Boy , Vol. 6, by Osamu Tezuka. September, 2002 Dark Horse Comics, Milwaukie, Oregon.
  • Astro Boy , Vol. 7, by Osamu Tezuka. September, 2002 Dark Horse Comics, Milwaukie, Oregon.
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  • Astro Boy , Vol. 18, by Osamu Tezuka. August, 2003 Dark Horse Comics, Milwaukie, Oregon.
  • Astro Boy , Vol. 19, by Osamu Tezuka. October, 2003 Dark Horse Comics, Milwaukie, Oregon.
  • Astro Boy , Vol. 20, by Osamu Tezuka. November, 2003 Dark Horse Comics, Milwaukie, Oregon.
  • Astro Boy , Vol. 21, by Osamu Tezuka. November, 2003 Dark Horse Comics, Milwaukie, Oregon.
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  • Astro Boy , Vol. 23, by Osamu Tezuka. January, 2004 Dark Horse Comics, Milwaukie, Oregon.
  • Phoenix 1: A Tale of the Future , by Osamu Tezuka. (Translated with Dadakai). 2002 Viz, San Francisco, California.
  • Phoenix 2: Dawn , by Osamu Tezuka. (Translated with Dadakai). 2003 Viz, San Francisco, California.
  • Phoenix 3: Yamato/Space , by Osamu Tezuka. (Translated with Dadakai). 2003 Viz, San Francisco, California.
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  • Phoenix 7: Civil War--Part One , by Osamu Tezuka. (Translated with Jared Cook). 2006 Viz, San Francisco, California.
  • Phoenix 8: Civil War--Part Two/Robe of Feathers) , by Osamu Tezuka. (Translated with Jared Cook). 2006 Viz, San Francisco, California.
  • Phoenix 9: Strange Beings/Life , by Osamu Tezuka. (Translated with Jared Cook). 2006 Viz, San Francisco, California.
  • Phoenix 10: Sun--Part One , by Osamu Tezuka. (Translated with Jared Cook). 2007 Viz, San Francisco, California.
  • Phoenix 11: Sun--Part Two, by Osamu Tezuka. (Translated with Jared Cook). 2007 Viz, San Francisco, California.
  • Phoenix 12: Early Works , by Osamu Tezuka. (Translated with Jared Cook). 2008 Viz, San Francisco, California.
  • The Ghost in the Shell Volume 2: Man-Machine Interface (Ghost in the Shell: SAC), , by Masamune Shirow. (Translated with Toren Smith). 2005 Dark Horse Comics, Milwaukie Oregon.
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  • Princess Knight (excerpt) (Translated with Jared Cook). July 2007 edition of Shojo Beat , Viz Comics, San Francisco, California, 2007.
  • Appleseed ID (Illustration and Data), by Masamune Shirow (Translated by Dana Lewis, Frederik L. Schodt, and Toren Smith). 2007 Dark Horse Comics, Milwaukie, Oregon.
  • Dominion , by Masamune Shirow (Translated by Dana Lewis and Frederik L. Schodt (notes only) and Toren Smith). Dec., 2007 Dark Horse Comics, Milwaukie, Oregon.
  • Pluto: Urasawa x Tezuka, Volume 1 , by Naoki Urasawa and Osamu Tezuka. (Translated with Jared Cook). February 2009, Viz Media, San Francisco, California.
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  • Pluto: Urasawa x Tezuka, Volume 8 , by Naoki Urasawa and Osamu Tezuka. (Translated with Jared Cook). April, 2010, Viz Media, San Francisco, California.
  • Biographical Comics: Mother Teresa: Modern Saint of the Poor , illustrated by Sayori Abe and written by Yoshihiro Takita. April, 2012, Shogakukan, San Francisco, California.
  • The Osamu Tezuka Story: A Life in Manga and Anime> 「手塚治虫物語」 , by Toshio Ban and Osamu Tezuka. July, 2016, Stone Bridge Press, Berkeley, San Francisco, California.
  • Phaedo (ぱいどん "Paidon"), by the TEZUKA2020 project. First serialized in Kodansha's Comic Morning in two episodes, on 2020-02-27 and 2020-04-16. 2020 English translation viewable here:

Columns Authored

Monthly Column Titled MANGA,
Written for Mainichi Daily News-- APRIL 1990 TO 1996

  • 04/07/1990 Osamu Tezuka: Postwar Japanese Hero
  • 05/05/1990 Hinako Sugiura and the Roots of Japanese Comics
  • 06/02/1990 Garo: A Different Type of Manga Magazine
  • 06/30/1990 Changing the World: The Comics of Sampei Shirato
  • 08/11/1990 The Good-Bad Art of King Terry
  • 09/08/1990 Z-Chan: Comics as Alternate Reality
  • 10/06/1990 Yoshikazu Ebisu: The Prince of Ultra-Nonsense Manga
  • 11/03/1990 Manga and the Bomb: Keiji Nakazawa and Barefoot Gen
  • 12/01/1990 Kazuichi Hanawa: A One-Of-A-Kind Original
  • 01/05/1991 Women Artists, Personal Visions, and Yamada Murasaki
  • 02/02/1991 Manga in English
  • 03/02/1991 Sex, Violence, and Maruo Suehiro
  • 03/30/1991 The Three Genres of Matsumoto Leiji
  • 04/27/1991 Robots
  • 05/25/1991 Magazines of Manga Criticism
  • 07/06/1991 A Frequently Asked Question (Sex And Violence In Manga)
  • 08/17/1991 A Rose by Any Other Name (Riyoko Ikeda And The Rose Of Versailles)
  • 09/14/1991 Animecon '91
  • 10/12/1991 My Favorite Manga (Osamu Tezuka's Phoenix,&Quot;Karma&Quot; Volume)
  • 11/23/1991 A True Original (Katsuhiro Otomo)
  • 12/21/1991 Black and White Issues (I) (Reasons for the "Caucasion Look"; in Manga)
  • 01/18/1992 A Cartoon Record of the Eighties (Review of Book by Cartoonist Norio)
  • 02/01/1992 Black and White Issue (Ii) (Racism in Japanese Manga)
  • 02/29/1992 Submarine Metaphors (Kaiji Kawaguchi's Silent Service)
  • 03/28/1992 Manga in San Francisco: Viz Communications
  • 04/25/1992 Manga Get Legit (Manga-Related Museum Exhibits Around World)
  • 05/23/1992 Manga in San Francisco: Studio Proteus
  • 07/16/1992 Anime Expo '92
  • 08/15/1992 Manga Visions of the Floating World (Manga Exhibit, Sf Museum)
  • 09/12/1992 A Telephone Club Artist (Profile Of Akira Narita)
  • 09/26/1992 Why Read Manga? (Why Manga Are Interesting)
  • 10/24/1992 The Weekly Boy's Jump
  • 11/21/1992 Reflecting the Light and Dark Sides of Society- Uchida Shungiku
  • 12/19/1992 Manga in the Morning, and in the Afternoon (Review Of 2 Magazines, Morning And Afternoon)
  • 01/30/1993 Mizuki Shigeru and the Spirit World
  • 02/30/1993 An American Dojinshi Publisher (Interview with Chris Swett)
  • 03/27/1993 Mighty Atom and Astroboy
  • 04/24/1993 Revisionist Imperial History (Ryoko Yamagishi's Hi Izuru Tokoro No Tenshi)
  • 05/29/1993 The Three Adolphs (Review Of O. Tezuka's Adolf Ni Tsugu)
  • 06/26/1993 Learning Law with Manga (Review Of Manga Explaining Defense Law)
  • 07/24/1993 Japanese Manga &Amp; Animation in USA 1993
  • 08/21/1993 Fancy Dance (Zen Romance Comics by Reiko Okano)
  • 09/18/1993 A Pioneering Manga about Gays and Aids --The Tomoi Series
  • 10/16/1993 Big, Big... And Bigger (The Big Series Of Magazines)
  • 11/13/1993 A Street-Level Course in Economics-Yuji Aoki's Naniwa Kin'yudo
  • 12/11/1993 Manga without Pictures (Review Of The Novel Hirugaeru Hitohata)
  • 01/15/1994 The Way of Manga (Fujiko-Fujio's Manga Michi)
  • 02/26/1994 The World of Yoshiharu Tsuge (The Original Avant-Garde)
  • 03/19/1994 Mary Kennard: A New Breed of American (Manga Editor In Japan)
  • 04/16/1994 Manga in Cyberspace
  • 05/14/1994 The Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum
  • 06/11/1994 Kobayashi's Declaration of Arrongant-Ism
  • 07/09/1994 Manuals? Documents? Try Something Different
  • 08/06/1994 'Combat' Fights a Solitary Battle in Small Military Market
  • 09/31/1994 'Nakayoshi's' Media-Mix Tackles Cut-Throat Business
  • 10/08/1994 Corocoro: An Experience in Sensory Overload
  • 11/05/1994 Mahjong: An Entertaining Look at a Very Different World
  • 12/03/1994 Pachinko Joins Japan's Crowded Manga Ranks
  • 12/31/1994 Young Mothers Find an Outlet in Yan Mama Komikku
  • 01/28/1995 June: When Harry Met Harry as Told by Sally
  • 02/25/1995 Seduction, Gang Rape: Oh, Sweet Amour
  • 03/25/1995 A Topsy-Turvy Time At Super Comic City 3
  • 04/22/1995 The Mother of all Manga Conventions
  • 05/27/1995 Osamu Tezuka's Princess Knight
  • 06/24/1995 A Tale of Two Lions
  • 07/22/1995 Black Jack-- A Physician's Manga
  • 08/19/1995 Unusual Mang Confab Heats Up in London
  • 09/16/1995 Terasawa Takes a Cyber Leap into Digital Comics
  • 10/14/1995 Usenet Forums a Popular Hangout for Manga Fans
  • 11/11/1995 King Of Editors: A Tongue-In-Cheek Look at the Industry
  • 12/09/1995 Manga a Perfect Vehicle for Aum Cultists
  • 01/06/1996 A Woman Named Milk
  • 02/03/1996 Mangajin Brings Home The Sushi
  • 03/02/1996 Navigating The Electronic Anime And Manga Universe
  • 04/27/1996 One Person's 'Manga' Is Another's 'Komikkusu'
  • 05/25/1996 Matthew Thorn: Thoughts From An Expert
  • 06/22/1996 Manga: Are People Drawing The Wrong Conclusions?
  • 07/20/1996 Back To The Future With Iron Man No. 28
  • 08/17/1996 Anime America 96-- A New Generation Of Fans
  • 09/14/1996 Nerds Get Their Revenge In Otakugaku Nyumon
  • 10/12/1996 Nerve Gas Manga-- Osamu Tezuka's 'Mw'

Monthly Column Titled OPINION, Written for SHUKAN ST
["Weekly ST," a supplement of the Japan Times],1990-1996.
Also, miscellaneous articles in same magazine.

  • 04/06/90 "Reflections on the earthquake in San Francisco"
  • 05/18/90 "American Manga"
  • 06/29/90 "Japan and America"
  • 08/10/90 "An American interested in Japan"
  • 09/21/90 "Competitiveness"
  • 11/02/90 "The end of reality"
  • 11/30/90 "ST REPORT: 'Mangajin'-- magazine for language, culture"
  • 12/14/90 "Attitude"
  • 02/08/91 "Race"
  • 03/15/91 "Commercials"
  • 04/05/91 "Work"
  • 05/10/91 "Amplified Noise"
  • 06/21/91 "Homelessness"
  • 08/02/91 "Information imbalance"
  • 09/06/91 "A lingering sadness"
  • 10/18/91 "The trial"
  • 11/29/91 "Trends"
  • 01/17/92 "A thought for 1992"
  • 02/28/92 "Language links"
  • 04/02/92 "Growing closer"
  • 05/08/92 "Ranald MacDonald"
  • 05/22/92 "ST REPORT: 'Teen Tokyo comes to Boston"
  • 06/19/92 "Running"
  • 07/24/92 "Rethinking the news"
  • 07/31/92 "ST REPORT: Anime Expo '92 draws a crowd"
  • 08/14/92 "If I were a dictator..."
  • 10/02/92 "Wild West"
  • 11/06/92 "Columbus"
  • 12/11/92 "Feedback and Society"
  • 01/22/93 "Hatman"
  • 02/26/93 "Gays in the military?"
  • 04/02/93 "Waiting for the alien"
  • 05/07/93 "Drugs"
  • 06/11/93 "One thing's clear: It's a messy world"
  • 07/15/93 "Herd instinct"
  • 08/20/93 "Guns"
  • 09/24/93 "Racial stereotypes"
  • 10/29/93 "Garbage bags and privacy"
  • 12/03/93 "Information superhighway (Part 1)
  • 01/14/94 "Information superhighway (Part 2)
  • 02/18/94 "Three strikes and you're out!"
  • 03/25/94 "Technological pipe dreams"
  • 04/29/94 "Matrix"
  • 06/03/94 "Tatemae"
  • 07/08/94 "Return to the village"
  • 08/12/94 "Oh, O.J..."
  • 09/23/94 "Put me on a rocket to Mars!"
  • 10/21/94 "Pick a nation..."
  • 11/25/94 "Bad fashion"
  • 01/06/95 "Smoking"
  • 02/10/95 "Mass-producing the sacred"
  • 03/17/95 "Cyber-love"
  • 04/21/95 "Village Idiots"
  • 05/26/95 "Fasten Seat Belts"
  • 06/30/95 "Lion King"
  • 08/04/95 "Unabomber"
  • 09/08/95 "Jerry's dead!"
  • 10/13/95 "Police"
  • 11/10/95 "Forward-thinking"
  • 12/15/95 "Politics and toilets"
  • 01/26/1996 "Bumps on the superhighway"
  • 03/08/1996 "Helmet laws"
  • 04/12/1996 "Angry about executions"
  • 05/10/1996 "Too many manga?"
  • 05/31/1996 "Cigarette culture"
  • 07/05/1996 "Homogenization"
  • 08/02/1996 "Modern science's fortune-telling"
  • 08/30/1996 " No power day"
  • 09/27/1996 " My final opinion"

Monthly Column Written for Japanese Industrial Safety Magazine, 「安全」 ANZEN [SAFETY], (January 1986 to December 1988). (In Japanese, with illustrations by Akira Narita).

1986  アメリカ最新技術情報  Amerika Saishin Gijutsu Jouhou
[The Latest Information on Technology from America] [Vol. 37]

  • 01/p.34  米企業が日本から学ぶべきこと
      Beikoku kigyou ga nihon kara manabubeki koto[What U.S. corporations should learn from Japan]
  • 02/p.32  大学とパソコン
      Daigaku to pasokon [Universities and personal computers]
  • 03/p.34  マンマシン・インターフェイスに思う
      manmashin-intaafeisu ni omou[Thoughts on the man-machine interface]
  • 04/p.34  コンピューター・ウォーズ
      Konpyuutaa-wouzu[Computer wars]
  • 05/p.58  誰も気にしなかったこと
      Daremo ki ni shinakatta koto [Something noone worried about...]
  • 06/p.58  アデプト社の会長をインタビューする
      Adeputosha no kaichou wo intabyuu suru [An interview with the chairman of Adept].
  • 07/p.58  ロボットの展示会
      Robotto no tenjikai[A robot exposition]
  • 08/p.32  米国、技術日本語の翻訳の必要に目覚める
      Beikoku, gijitsu nihongo no honyaku no hitsuyousei ni mezameru [U.S. corporations wake up to the need for translations of technical Japanese]
  • 09/p.68  情報雑念 I 
    Jouhou zatsunen I[Information static I]
  • 10/p.32 情報雑念 II
    Jouhou zatsunen II [Information static II]
  • 11/p.34  技術と一般論 
    Gijitsu to ippanron[Technology and generalizations]
  • 12/p.66  ウルトラ・テック
      Urutora tekku[Ultratech]

1987 アメリカ・テクニカル・レビュー Amerika Tekunikaru Rebyuu[U.S. Technical Review] [Vol. 38]

  • 01/p.62  科学技術社の戦争と平和 
    Kagakugijitsusha no senso to heiwa[War and peace for scientists and technologists]
  • 02/p.34  人工知能と安全
      Jinkouchinou to anzen[AI and safety]
  • 03/p.34  友人との話し-- 日本への企業進出
      Yuujin to no hanashi-- nihon e no kigyou shinshutsu [A conversation with a friend-- Doing business in Japan]
  • 04/p.38  友人との話し-- 日米半導体協定 
    Yuujin to no hanashi-- Nichibei handoutai kyoutei[A conversation with a friend-- The U.S.-Japan Semiconductor Agreement]
  • 05/p.38  宗教と科学 
    Shuukyou to kagaku[Religion and science]
  • 06/p.30 ロボット・ワールド
      Robotto Waarudo[Robot World]
  • 07/p.50  職場におけるエイズ対策 
    Shokuba ni okeru eezu taisaku[AIDS countermeasures in the workplace]
  • 08/p.70  国際産業用ロボットのシンポジウムと展示会
      Kokusai sangyouyou robotto no shimpojiumu to tenjikai[An international robot symposium and exhibition]
  • 09/p.58  ハーレーの秘密
      Haree no himitsu [The Harley- Davidson secret]
  • 10/p.60  摩擦 
  • 11/p.58 通信 I 
    Tsuushin I[Communications I]
  • 12/p.58  通信 I
    Tsuushin II[Communications II]

1988  ジャパン・イン・USA  Japan in USA [VOL 39]

  • 01/p.26 標準・その長所と短所 
    Hyoujun: sono chosho to tansho[Standardization: the postives and negatives]
  • 02/p.34  大衆文化の交流 
    Taishuu bunka no kouryuu[Mass culture interchanges]
  • 03/p.26 日本酒が人気を得る
    Nihonshu ga ninki wo eru[Japanese sake gains popularity]
  • 04/p.28  北カリフォルニアのジャパンソサエティ
      Kitakarifuorunia no japan sosaetei[The Japan Society of Northern California]
  • 05/p.24  翻訳の大先生 
    Honyaku no dai sensei[The translation master]
  • 06/p.26  ナギナタ・アソシエーツ
      Naginata Assoshieetsu[Naginata Associates]
  • 07/p.26  通訳者の役割
      Tsuuyakusha no yakuwari[The role of the interpreter]
  • 08/p.26  日本のテレビ
      Nihon no terebi CM[Japanese TV commericals]
  • 09/p.26  本を通して世界が見える
      Hon wo tooshite, sekai ga mieru[Seeing the world through books]
  • 10/p.28  基礎研究の国際化
      Kisoukenkyuu no kokusaika[Internationalization of basic research]
  • 11/p.26  技術情報の一方通行? 
    Gijitsu jouhou no ippou tsuukou?[Is technology exchange a one-way street?]
  • 12/p.28  選挙の後、大統領に期待したいこと
      Senkyou no ato, daitouryou ni kitai shitai koto[What I'd like to see from the president after the elections]

Articles in Books and Magazines

Articles in MANGAJIN

  • "Two Guides to Japanese Slang" Vol 1, No. 1, 1990, p. 73
  • "The Manga of Matsumoto Reiji" Vol 1, No. 6, p. 18
  • "Sex and Violence in Manga" No. 10, p. 9
  • "Tezuka Osamu: Japan's "God of Manga" No .17, p. 22
  • "Magazines of Manga Criticism" No. 11, p.9
  • "A Tale of Two Translations" [About the Rose of Versailles] No. 12., p. 9
  • "Chinmoku no Kantai" [Silent Service] No. 13 (Dec 1991), p. 18
  • "Black and White Issue (I)" No. 15 (Mar. 1992) p. 5
  • "Black and White Issue (II)" No. 16 (Apr. 1992) p. 9.
  • "Translators Talk" No. 19 (Aug. 1992) p. 14.
  • "Straight (Frederik) Schodt: Sugiura Hinako and the roots of Japanese comics" No. 20, (Sep., 1992) p. 8.
  • "Straight Schodt: How did the weekly manga magazine Shonen Jump reach a circulation of 5 million?" No .22 (Dec., 1992), p. 22.
  • "Straight Schodt: MIzuki Shigeru's fascination with the supernatural gives his manga stories a unique twist." No. . 25, Apr, 1993, p. 24
  • "Straight Schodt: Japan's Ministry of Finance has published one of its study boks on legal defense practices in manga format. Frederik Schodt tells you all about it." No. 31, Nov. 1993, p. 10.
  • "Frederik Schodt interviews Fujiko Fujio (A)" No. 36, June 1994, p. 28
  • "Frederik Schodt Interviews Fujiko Fujio (A)" No. 37, August 1994, p
  • "About the Author" [Shungiku Uchida]; No. 38, 1994
  • "Intro to "One Hundred Tales. The Seventh: Apparition of an Eel, by Hinako Sugiura" No. 40, Nov 1994, p. 74
  • "Intro to Fancy Dance, by Okano Reiko" No. 41, Dec 1994, p. 68.
  • "Kimba vs. Simba" [Letter to Editor on Lion King controversy] No. 42, Feb 1995, p. 14, 34.
  • "Gaijin in Manga" No. 43, Mar, 1995, pp. 14-19, 66.
  • "The Japanese Sense of Humor" [Interview with Masumi Muramatsu] No.62, Feb 1997.
  • "The Hard Life of the Japanese Manga Artist" No. 64, Apr 1997, p. 12-16.


  • "Modern Japan's National Obsession-- Comic Books" July/Aug, 1994 Vol. 2, No.1 , p. 34-36.
  • "The Internet Comes to Japan" Nov/Dec, 1994, Vol 2, No. 3, p. 28.
  • "Ranald MacDonald, An Early American Adventurer in Japan" May/June, 1995 No. 12, p. 39-42.

Articles in ANIMAG and ANIMERICA

  • "You Say "Zion"-I Say "the Ideal Nation or Society Envisaged by Judaism"" Animerica,Vol 1, No. 1, 1993, p. 9.
  • "Extreme Close-Up: Thoughts on Manga in America" Animerica,Vol 1, No. 7, 1993, p. 35.
  • "Osamu Tezuka: The Storyteller, the Artist, and the Man." Animag,No. 7, p. 19-20.
  • "Who's Who: Go Nagai-- The Man Behind Mazinger Z" Animag,No. 8, p. 44.
  • "Extreme Close-Up: American Comic Artists Visit Japan" Animerica,Vol 3, No. 1, 1995, p. 40.
  • "Extreme Close-Up. Mary Kennard: A New Breed of American," Animerica, Vol 2, No. 9, Sept., 1994 p. 36.
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